Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life Hack

Ok, so I did something really crazy today, but it worked and I have to share it with you...It's my own personal Life Hack! If you don't know what a "Life Hack" is, check out this website. Basically, a "life hack"  is a new way to do something using things that you normally wouldn't have considered a.k.a: being resourceful! So, without further ado, here's my contribution...

Here's the background...So, I've mentioned before how I prefer to cook microwave food in the toaster oven, but there are a few inconveniences with that: 1- it takes longer, obviously, and 2- you usually need to wrap or cover the food in aluminum foil to protect it from the heat and to prevent burning. 
If you're ok with both these issues, then your patience and inconvenience will be greatly rewarded! 

So, it's lunch and I wanted the best Hot Pocket experience, sans the microwave, but I couldn't find a scrap of aluminum foil anywhere. What to do?!
After an extensive and thorough search through all the cabinets at work, my quest for even the tiniest scrap of aluminum foil was all for naught. But I refused to give up. My lunch hour was quickly dwindling away and something had to be done. That's when it happened. That A-Ha moment that changed my life forever, we'll maybe not forever, but at least for the next 30 minutes anyway.

I found an all metal cheese grater in the cabinet and thought, "there's nothing on it that could melt..."
I put the Hot Pocket in and set the dial to 350. Meaning, I bit the bullet and hoped for the best. 

Twenty minutes later, I grabbed a potholder and removed the pastry and what do you know? It was perfectly cooked! It was slightly crispy on the outside and it was hot on the inside! See?

What a successful moment! A total win-win! I didn't have to waste a piece of aluminum foil and I had a hot, fulfilling lunch!
So, the next time life hands you lemons, make your own "Life Hacking" lemonade. 
Whatever you do, never let anything stand between you and your Chicken Fiesta Lean Pocket!