Apps I Love!

There are a few apps I have on my iPhone that I don't think I could live without. Among them are:

In my humble opinion, "Over" is one of the best (and only at the time I was looking) apps I've found that lets you add cool text to your photos! (Right now, I believe it's only available for iPhone, so Android users might have to wait a bit longer for development. Sorry, guys!)

It has quite a lengthy list of unique fonts that you're sure to love, (you can also purchase more fonts from within the app.) There are several different colors available for the text that will most certainly work for what you need, but hopefully more will be added soon. Another cool feature about this app is that it allows you to create layers of text so that you can create an unlimited amount of combinations to make your photos ROCK!
Please note: This is not a photo editing app (I recommend Snapseed for that!), but you can crop your picture once you've added text and I have found that to be helpful on more than one occasion. 
Oh yeah, and once you've finished editing your text, you can also share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or email directly from the app. Very cool.
Bottom line: For $1.99, this app really has saved me a lot of time and has been worth every penny! If you have ever had a need to add text to your photos (and who hasn't...) this app will do that AND more! check it out!

My Fitness Pal. Ok, if you are like me- trying to keep a handle on those love handles- you NEED to download this app! It's more user-friendly than it used to be and I haven't found a food yet that isn't in their library.This app is a life saver for dieters. I know. I know...there are a million diets under the sun (and I've probably tried half of them- except for that baby food diet, and perhaps that Scientology Rice Krispy diet...) I digress. Anyway, the way this app works is: you weigh yourself and tell the app how much you weigh, then tell it how much you want to weigh by a certain deadline. The app calculates what your caloric intake should be to reach said weight and...voila! You eat the designated amount of calories and watch the pounds fall off! You even get bonus calories for working out (which this genius of an app calculates for you!)
Oh! Did I mention it's free? Yeah. So download it as fast as you can!

Google Maps. This one is probably a given, especially if you are an iOS user. I never had the (dis)pleasure of using the infamous Apple Maps, so I can't really give a testimonial as to how horrible they were, but these people can. Google Maps has always been my "go to" navigation app. I use it all the time and it's pretty dang reliable. But here's a little something maybe you didn't know. If you're using an iPhone, you can use Siri to use Google Maps instead of the less reliable Apple maps. How, you ask? Well...when you are asking Siri for directions, just add the tag "via transit". For example, "I need directions to the nearest Krispy Kreme via transit." That's it. No jail breaking required! Don't you feel like you've just gained an insurmountable wealth of knowledge? Aren't you inspired to go save baby whales or unlock the mystery of the pyramids? No? Oh well, I tried. So, bottom line: if you're one of the last 251 iOS users who have not downloaded this app, hide your shame and do it now. I feel world peace coming on.

Olive Tree Bible Study App. This thing really has it all and you don't have to have an internet connection to access the features. You can download different Bible versions (often free, but some may cost a buck or two) as well as various commentaries. For example, I downloaded Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, The Bible in  ESV and ASV all for free. However, if you want The Message or Zondervan's NIV, it'll set you back $9.99. Occasionally, they'll run a good sale and you may be able to get these for less, but I really don't use the app for personal Bible study. I mainly use it for on the spot reference or maybe when I'm trying to remember a verse I like. It has bookmark and highlight features that I also find most helpful. Oh yeah, the app is free, too.

Ringtone Designer by Blackout Labs. I know there are, like, 1,000,001 ringtone apps out there, but this is the one you want!  Not only does this puppy let you create your own custom ringtones from any song in your library, but you can also play mad scientist and create alert and text tones, too! It's free, but I honestly would have paid .99 (maybe more) for it. It's a steal considering that you'll pay .99 to $1.29 per ringtone in the App Store, plus you get to create the tone exactly the way you want. It's really simple to use and it will even show you a short video after you've made your ringtone to show you how to finalize and install it on your iPhone. So, go ahead and make your own Justin Beiber ringtones you were once ashamed to purchase...