Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Try It Tuesday" Kashi Oatmeal

So, it's been a while, but I'm back with another great review!
 I've always been a fan of oatmeal- even when I was a kid. Except then, it was Quaker's peaches n' cream packets that stole my heart. As a grown-up, my standards are a little higher,
like Kashi's GoLean Truly Vanilla:
I found this stuff by mistake, actually. I was looking for oats to make my Nutella Overnight Oats
and I spotted these. There are 8 packets in the box and they have:
150 calories, 7g fiber, 9g protein and 350mg of Omega-3.
Pretty impressive!
These are really for people on the go! In fact, the box says it's best when made in the microwave, which only takes as little as 2 minutes.
Also, the box touts the ability to help you "stay fuller longer" ...and it actually does!
It's jam packet with whole grains, fiber and protein and this stuff is gooood!
Now, if you are looking for a sugary sweet oatmeal, this won't be your fav, BUT the good thing about this oatmeal is that it is versatile.
You can add a little brown sugar or honey and it would actually complement it quite nicely.
This has a very nice texture and wonderful vanilla undertones, not overwhelming at all.
The next time I fix a bowl, I may add some raisins, slivered almonds or chopped dates, just to change things up a bit, but it really is great the way it is.
Try it. Enjoy it.