Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Try It" Tuesday

Sorry I haven't been to the blogosphere lately, but I've been a little busy...learning more about how to use the lathe! Last week I blogged about the first bowl I've ever made on the lathe, but this weekend the M.O.T.H and I made matching salad forks:
Cool, huh? I am working on a post that will show you step by step how they were made, but that's not what I wanted to bring you today. Nope. Today, I bring you an app that you simply must try:

It's called "Over" and it is one of the best (and only at the time I was looking) apps I've found that lets you add cool text to your photos! (Right now, I believe it's only available for iPhone, so Android users might have to wait a bit longer for development. Sorry, guys!)
It has quite a lengthy list of unique fonts that you're sure to love, (you can also purchase more fonts from within the app.) There are several different colors available for the text that will most certainly work for what you need, but hopefully more will be added soon. Another cool feature about this app is that it allows you to create layers of text so that you can create an unlimited amount of combinations to make your photos ROCK!

Please note: This is not a photo editing app (I recommend Snapseed for that!), but you can crop your picture once you've added text and I have found that to be helpful on more than one occasion. 
Oh yeah, and once you've finished editing your text, you can also share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or email directly from the app. 
Very cool.

Bottom line: For $1.99, this app really has saved me a lot of time and has been worth every penny! If you have ever had a need to add text to your photos (and who hasn't...) this app will do that AND more! check it out!