Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Try It" Tuesday

Ok, so you may already know about this product, BUT- there's always more to learn, right? Not only is it the best ever carpet stain remover (EVER!) that happens to also be biodegradable AND non-toxic (safe for pets), but here's a little secret you may not know and here's how I discovered it...

I was doing laundry one day when, much to my chagrin, I noticed that the M.O.T.H. had managed to get grease and mud all over his jeans. I reached for the Shout, sprayed the jeans and hoped for the best.
When the clothes came out of the dryer, I searched for the jeans to survey the damage, but guess what? NO STAIN! Not even a trace of a stain! I couldn't believe it! It worked much better than before, so I knew something wasn't right... I went back to the laundry room and looked for the bottle. What did I find? I'd accidentally used the Spot Shot!

Now, my mother in law has always sworn by Spot Shot for carpet stains and, it was one of the first lessons I learned as a newlywed trying to keep the house clean. Obviously, I'm a believer, too- hence the bottle, but I never would have thought to use it on my laundry.

I wrote to the company (WD-40!) and told them about what I'd discovered and they replied, 'yeah, it's a pretty awesome stain remover, just be sure to color test first. Glad you like it.' (I paraphrased that, of course...) AND sent me a coupon for a free bottle!

Anyway, a few weeks later, I attempted the Spot Shot on a pullover that a pair of red socks had bled onto. I sprayed where the color had transferred, let it soak in for a few hours and...you guessed it! The color that had faded onto my pullover was gone! It's a miracle, right!

Trust me, you gotta give this stuff a try! It IS a lot nicer having one less bottle on the laundry room shelf...