Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Try It" Tuesday

Nutritional yeast. Who knew?

I recently read a post on Peanut Butter Fingers about an amazing chickpea dip made with nutritional yeast as an ingredient. I'd never heard of such (I'm not vegan), so, of course- I Googled it. Basically it's a deactivated (not living) yeast powerhouse packed with TONS of vitamins and protein (9 grams per 3T serving)!

Sorry for the waviness, this is the result of panorama camera mode on my iPhone...
So why make such a fuss? Well, aside from the nutritional value, it also has a wonderfully savory, kinda cheesy taste that you can add to all kinds of foods! You can make a cheesy gravy out of it, sprinkle it on your popcorn, and use it in dips, obviously.

I actually added a tablespoon into my mashed potatoes last night and I was very pleasantly surprised! It gave them a smoky cheese flavor. I think I will try some in my scrambled eggs tomorrow...can't wait to see what all I can do with this stuff!

You can't find it in regular grocery stores, but you can find it in health food stores (I got mine at Eddie's Health Shoppe in Knoxville), at Whole Foods and online. (Most of the information I've read online recommends Kal or Bob's Red Mill brand, but I haven't tried any other brands to see if there is a difference.) Give it a try! Let me know what YOU think!