Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Try It" Tuesday- OLAY!

I have been waiting a few days to share this one with you guys, so I hope you're as excited about this as I am...If you don't already have one of these, you definitely have to get one!
I received an $8 off coupon for the Gillette Venus & Olay razor a week or so ago. I was SO excited since I've always been partial the the Venus line of razors. When I got up to the checkout and gave the coupon to the cashier (who was a dude), he said, "What's $8 off?!" and started digging through my bags.
"The razor," I said trying to hold back a smile.
"$8 for a razor?! Are you serious?"
"Yep, it'd be more than $8 without the coupon, so it better be a good one, right?"
He agreed and looked at me sideways like I was crazy.

Sometimes I am crazy. I am guilty of spending more than $8, with NO coupon, on razors that often turn out to work for a week or so and end up disappointing me, but not this time...

This razor is absolutely magnificent and here's why:

Like all Venus razors, it has 5 blades to help with exfoliation (according the website.)
I believe it's a wonderful guarantee to not miss anything!
But the REAL showstoppers are the Olay Moisture Blocks on the top and bottom!
I have dry skin and hate to shave because it seems that I can never seem to keep my legs moisturized afterwards. Not the case with this bad boy! This razor has delivered a superior, smooth shave every time and because of the Olay Moisture Blocks, I no longer have dry skin issues after a shave!
The moisture blocks are attached to the razor on tiny little hinges that flex with your curves while shaving, so every inch gets the benefit of the Olay moisture.

I've actually never used razors that have these moisture bars before, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. You don't have to use shave gel or creams because of the moisture bars. (I did use a little soap because I didn't really want to risk getting nicked.) The shave was a bit slimy, but boy was it smooth!
When I got out of the shower, my legs felt silky and smooth and there were no stubbly strays!
And check this out:

The handle is soft and very cushion-y. It's very easy to grip even with soapy hands!

Maybe I'm imagining things, but I also feel like I have to shave less often with this razor, too.
Who doesn't love that?!

If you haven't tried this razor yet, you simply MUST! Click here for coupons from Gillette if you need a little more encouragement, but I guarantee you, you won't be disappointed!