Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Try It" Tuesday- Dollar Store Edition

This week, I'm gonna do a little something different for y'all, so I hope you enjoy it...
You know how these Dollar General Stores are popping up all over the place?
Well, in case you didn't notice, they are. So, the next time you see one, be sure to go in and pick up a box of these:

These crackers are AWESOME!! Here's why:
They are crispy, have TONS of ranch flavor, see?
AND...the best part? They're only $1 a box!!
You saw that right: ONE DOLLAR!
Compare that to a box of Wheat Thins at about $2.50 -$3.50 box.
You could buy 2 boxes of the Clover Valley (Dollar General's brand) for $2 (12 oz. total) for LESS than what you'd pay for a 9oz. box of the Wheat Thin brand!
It's a total no brainer.
Please Note: I'm not normally crazy over store brands, so for me to endorse a generic
brand is pretty significant.
Hopefully your local Dollar General carries these. If they do, grab a box and see for yourself!