Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Work It!

If you work in a small office all day like I do, then you might find this helpful. It's a little piece of ingenious that I LOVE! So without further ado, I present...your new office buddy!

What? You're not excited? Look again! It's a rubber medicine ball! What's so great about a medicine ball, you ask? It makes you move, which in turn makes your heart move, which makes the world go round! Here's why I love it: I get a workout without leaving the comforts of my own cubicle! When I'm at my desk, I take this little gem and toss it back and forth from one hand to the other. Then, when that get's tiring, I'll hold it in one hand and lift it straight up over my shoulder for a few reps (or until I get tired).

But the best news about this ball? It will tone your wiggly underarm flab! That's right! Just, take the ball in your hands and hold it straight out in front of your face. Then, raise your arms straight up over your head, then drop your arms down behind your neck, then raise it back up over your head. Do this until you can't do it anymore and stay with it! This really is the simplest way to tone up in the office without breaking much of a sweat. When you find that you have a little spare time, just walking around with the ball will help you burn more calories than walking alone! Pick one up here.