Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Try It" Tuesday

I don't usually try snack foods unless they are 100 calories or less and are fairly nutritious. Which leads me to today's "Try It" Tuesday treat:

"Apple Chunks." That's what the good people at Dole decided to call these. I must not have  been repulsed too awfully bad, since I purchased them anyway. (I think it was the 90 calories that really tipped the scales for me.)
Anyway, as the package says, they are made with yogurt (as in the yogurt covered raisins yogurt) and whole grain oats. I suspect they mixed the oily yogurt coating with the whole grain oats to create the outer shell:
Each packet contains 8-10 of these "apple chunks." They are quite harmless looking and smell very "apple-ly." But when you bite into them?

Kinda "Turkish delight" like. First of all, the texture of the outer coating is pretty repulsive. I coaxed my husband into trying one and when I asked him about the texture, we both said, "pasty" at the same time. I was thinking grainy or gritty, but "pasty" pretty much covers it. (You know, as in: bland, mealy, pallid, doughy. Do I really need to go on?) 
The apple chunk center is gel-like and a little too overpowering flavor wise. Anytime there are those really strong flavors, it screams "overcompensation." Obviously, they knew the outer shell was lacking tremendously.

 I seriously don't want to even eat all 9 of these (and that's saying a lot since I did finish the Honey Swirl Frozen Greek yogurt in my previous "Try It" post.). I suppose I do have some limits. But seriously, these were just really kinda...gross. Definitely NOT the vee's knees!